What do I do if the prongs won't stay in the patient's nose?

There are several reasons why the prongs may not stay in the patient’s nose.

First, the prongs may be too small. Check the size of the prongs and make sure they are completely filling the nostrils. If necessary, replace the prongs with the next largest prongs size and make sure the prongs completely fill the nostrils and stay in the nostrils.

Second, the hat may be stretched out or too large for the patient, which may prevent the prongs from staying in place. You will need to replace the hat with either a new hat of the same size, or a new hat of a smaller size.

Third, the hat clips may be loose or not securely on the hat. Check the clips to make sure they’re tightly secured to the hat. If necessary, replace the hat clips. You may also need to re-position the tubing in the hat clip to make sure it stays securely in the hat clips.


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