What do I do if the bead in the flow meter is sticking/not moving?

  1. If the Pumani unit is not in use for some time, or is used in a very humid environment, the bead inside of the flow meter can become stuck.
  2. To loosen the bead, you will need to take the following steps:
    1. Open the unit
    2. Identify the faulty flow meter
    3. Remove the tubing from the inlet and outlet of the flow meter by pulling forcefully on the tubing until it removes from the barbed connector (do NOT cut the tubing)
    4. Unscrew the two screws holding the faulty flow meter to the enclosure
    5. Separate the flow meter from the enclosure
    6. Turn the flow meter upside down and shake it until you hear that the bead is loose and rattles in the meter
    7. Place the meter back into place on the enclosure
    8. Reattach the two screws to the flow meter
    9. Reattach the tubing to the flow meter, making sure the tubing is still attached correctly
    10. Close the unit
    11. Turn on the unit and confirm that the bead is no longer stuck in the flow meter


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