How do I prevent nasal, septal, or facial irritation caused by the prongs?

Nasal, septal, or facial irritation may occur if you do not correctly attach the prongs and tubing to the patient’s hat.

First, make sure the prongs are attached correctly, and that the prongs are not inserted too far into the patient’s nostrils. If you cannot see the lines on the prongs (above the arrows), the prongs are inserted too far into the nose. Pull the prongs slightly out of the nostrils until you see the lines.

Second, you will need to apply saline to the nostrils at least every 4 hours to prevent nasal and septal irritation.

Third, you should confirm that the prongs and tubing are never pressing against the patient’s face. If necessary, adjust the prongs and tubing in the hat clip until these components are no longer pressing against the patient’s face.


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